Customer Feedback

We have already received some amazing feedback from our customers which we wanted to share with you all to show you just how good our CBD Gummies really are!!


“I’ve tried CBD oil before from a different company and didn’t really feel any change at all. But I had some Mummy Gummies and they tasted amazing, looked great but most importantly I felt relaxed and chilled pretty much straight away. Can not recommend enough for those looking to relax their mind and body”.          

Brooke Parrat


These are a real adult treat!  Not only do they taste fabulous, they help me to relax, take the edge off the day and get good sleep.  Not just Gummies for Mummies they work for Grandma’s too!

Gabrielle Rydings


I have fallen in love with mummy gummies.

I was very unsure about how I would 'react' to them at first. I was worried I wouldn't be able to think or talk clearly, that I would feel dizzy or sick. I use mummy gummies for various reasons. I'm a children's nurse and struggle to sleep between busy 12 hour shifts, I now get the best sleep ever ready to conquer another shift. I have used then prior to an Interview to calm nerves.....I got the job 🙌, I also use them for those moments you can feel yourself getting irrationally stressed at the kids, normally around tea/bath/bed time, they certainly help give my head a wobble and ground me back into the room. The world at the moment is heightening alot of people's anxieties, I have never had problems with anxiety but have also been hit by this, 1 or 2 mummy gummies certainly helps with the tummy butterfly's and head fog. I would certainly recommend them to all my friends and family 💕.  

Catherine Burns


As a coeliac, I have to be very careful of what I eat. I’m very sensitive to gluten and was interested to see if these gummies would cause a reaction due to cross contamination or having traces of wheat, barley or rye. I had no negative reaction to Mummy Gummies and recommend them to anyone who’s looking to relieve stress. I will definitely be coming back for more.    

James Cohen


I live with Cancer and the gummies are amazing for my anxiety. They also help me to have a decent night’s sleep and taste lovely unlike some other CBD products. My favourite are the sour apple ones. 

Jane Kirkham


I had a bad fall on my bike and deeply grazed my knee and elbow, also had very limited shoulder movement. Expecting to have a bad night's sleep I took 4 Gummies, not only did I sleep much better than I thought I would, I also felt very relaxed the next day as well. Can't wait for them to be on sale!   

Peter Kirkham


When I heard Jess and Sophie were setting up mummy gummies I messaged straight away to ask to try some, I was so impressed at the instant sense of peace and calm that they gave me.

I am naturally an adrenal person, running my own business and being a mummy to 3 small children aged 1-7yrs, I often find it hard to wind down in the evenings and this can lead to feelings of anxiousness about what I need to get done next. I can honestly say the fist time I took a gummy (and was pleasantly surprised with the taste) I had the best night sleep I have had all year.  The following morning I was a better version of myself because I was rested and in return every other element of my life flowed better!

Kym Bolton


If you have also tried our Gummies and would like to leave us some feedback, please do so on our product pages.  Thank You!